Craftmade LED Illuminated Doorbell Chime Systemâ„¢

LED Lighted Door Chimes & LED Lit Doorbell "Touch" Buttons

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These beautiful LED illuminated doorbell, lighted door chimes are ideal to night-light a hallway for safety or to add an elegant daytime illumination. In fact, the LED illumination is so bright that we even added a dimmer control to suit your personal lighting tastes and needs.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our LED illuminated doorbell chimes will power-up virtually all the outdoor video doorbell buttons on the market without having to purchase any of their optional power supplies. Therefore, no batteries will then EVER need to be changed on your exterior video doorbell buttons! Use only your TWO existing doorbell button wires with no additional wires to add!

Also, please note that ALL our beautiful illuminated doorbell chimes have 8 (eight) internal super-bright LEDs guaranteed to last for a lifetime! The brightness can be controlled by an easy-to-adjust internal thumbwheel. This makes for an extraordinary pleasing nightlight or a beautifully illuminated daytime wall sconce!

All our LED illuminated doorbell touch buttons and LED illuminated door chimes are based on PATENTED solid-state technology for extraordinary long-life and durability. Our 8 internal super-bright, low -wattage LEDs are measured in decades of life, not years. Find out how are unique and attractive products can help put you on a Designer's path to illuminate your life. 

(No power cord, batteries or extra wiring! Works off your standard doorbell's low-voltage transformer (16VAC). Installs in place of your present doorbell chime, bell or buzzer. In larger homes, any two Craftmade LED chimes can be used together on the same doorbell circuit, like hall + kitchen).

"Designed by (and with) Interior Designers in mind!"


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